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Calling A DX Station When QRP

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Taken from Tim's (M0URX) website.

QRP operators have a tough time out there in the pile up, not only are the high power stations loud and often wide but with Solar Minimum with SFI at 66 or just a little higher, every Watt of power the QRP'er uses has to be used wisely and with much greater on-air-radioskill than everyone else. 

So from the DXpedition's point of view how can you hone your skill into getting your call into the log. Firstly, most of the DX Teams are trained and thrive on pulling weak signals out of the noise and your callsign is the only thing the team wants to hear at this point.
Listen to the band, find a clear spot in the pile up either using your band scope or using VFO B, this will give you that edge. In any pile-up most callers will be at the bottom or top of the listening range so find somewhere in the middle that will allow you to be heard.
Just use your callsign when calling, it is very easy to cause harm in a pile up and slow the DX station down, if the DX operator loses concentration his Q rate goes down which helps no one, so resist from using /QRP. If the DXpedition can hear /QRP he can hear your callsign, once the DX has had to return "/QRP?" You have already lost his Q rate, concentration to boot. All he needs is your callsign.
Here is what the Radio Regulations say:

Article 19 of the Radio Regulations (2016) state -

19.45 § 21 1) The twenty-six letters of the alphabet, as well as digits in the cases specified below, may be used to form call signs. Accented letters are excluded.

19.46 2) However, the following combinations shall not be used as call signs:

19.47 a) combinations which might be confused with distress signals or with other signals of a similar nature;

19.48 b) combinations in Recommendation ITU-RM.1172-0 that are reserved for the abbreviations to be used in the radiocommunication services. (WRC-15)

Recommendation M.1172 which is primarily a Maritime Mobile Service document says -

     1 The series of groups listed in this Annex range from QOA to QUZ.

So, it is clear the Q operating codes do not form part of the call sign. By just using your Callsign, in a clear part of the DX operators listening range will stand you a much better chance of getting in the log, this will then also help the DX station work you and keep his concentration and Q rate and help others get in the log too!

IOTA/Clublog Matching - Please read..

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Taken from Charles (M0OXO) website.

For those of you that have trouble using the IOTA/Clublog matching system, please check out this new information.

When you have logged in to the IOTA Site and have selected ''Add QSO's from Clublog'', you will see that several questions have now been added. These questions are for you to work through to try and assess why you cannot match your QSO in the Log Matching system. Here is a summary of what you will see;IOTA

1) Is your callsign in the Log Search of the operation in question?
2) Is the DX callsign in the Log Search of your own log?
3) Do the frequencies and modes in both Log Searches match?
4) Is the operation listed in the list of 'Accepted Activations?'
5) Have 30 days passed from the time and date of the QSO?
6) Is the IOTA Group you are trying to match, already in your pending QSOs or accepted QSOs list (You can't have it twice)?
7) Did you check the UTC of your QSO? It is not allowed to differ more than 15 minutes from the UTC in the activations log.
8) Are you sure you used the correct credentials to connect to Club Log?
9) If you cannot login to Club Log from the IOTA website then get a one time password from Settings -> App. Password. Use this on the IOTA website to get QSO matches.

I am hopeful these will help you determine the cause of your failure to get the matching credit. Of course it will also help to reduce the ''none matching'' emails to the IOTA Support Desk, hopefully enabling me to give a faster response to other questions on the Support desk and not solely matching enquiries.

IOTA for 2019

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Looks like it is going to be an interesting end to 2019 for IOTA chasers. This information has been taken from the GPDX Facebook page so thank you to them for sharing this info. I for one need a few of them and I am sure the guys in the club will also be in the pileups.


**UPDATE** (19-09-2019)

**TK19IOTA > (EU-100) - CERBICALES Is. - 20th September** CANCELLED - on the air from EU-014
J28PJ/P > (AF-053) , MOUCHA Isl. (FT8+SSB) - September ??
3W9KJ > (AS-132) DAO CO TO Isl - End Sept/October
**R1FW/0 > (AS-025) - KUNASHIR Isl. =>18 September > 25 September?
K6VVA/7 > (NA-187) WHITE ROCK ISL. - between 15/Sept & 15/Oct.
JI3DST/5 & JR8YLY/5 > (AS-200) - 20th - 25th September
JA8COE > (AS-206) SADO Isl - 22 - 24 September
S79GJ > (AF-024) - LA DIGUE Isl. - 21 - 29 September [6 m EME]
**OX3LX > (NA-220) - SIMIUTAQ Isl. - 26 - 30 September
JA4GXS/0 > (AS-206) SADO Isl. - 26 - 28 September
ZK3A (OC-048), TOKELAU - 1 - 11 October
DS3EXX/2 & DS3FGN/2 > (AS-122) DAECHEONG-DO Isl.
- 03th - 09th October
N5C > (NA-082) - CAT Isl. - 4th - 6th October
K5P > (NA-089) - AU PITRE Isl. - 4th - 6th October
3G1DX > (SA-100) PAJAROS Isl. 18 - 20 October (Plan 1)
3G1DX > (SA-100) PAJAROS Isl. 21 - 23 October (Plan 2)
JA4GXS/0 > (AS-206) SADO Isl - 26 - 28 October
5H3CA/5H3RCC > (AF-054) MAFIA Isl. - 29 - 05 October
YJ0RRC > (OC-104) GAUA Isl - 04 to 07 November
YJ0RRC > (OC-111) SHEPHERD Isls. - 08 to 13 November
TX7T > (OC-027) HIVA OA Isl - 06 - 17 November
YJ0FWA > (OC-035) EFATE Isl. - 14 to 20 November
VK2IAY/4 > (OC-142), HERON Isl., 2 - 9 DECEMBER

**depending on weather conditions and authorizations...Iota-co

DX Féile 2019 (20/21 September 2019)

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

I have taken this from the DX Feile Facebook page to let our friends know about the spare place, and to help these guys fill it if possible. Would love to take it myself but unfortunately the funds won't stretch to it this year.

DX Féile 2019 (20/21 September 2019)

Hi all, as we know, weekend packages for this year's DX Féile sold out in under an hour however, due to an unforeseen cancellation from one of our delegates, ONE FULL WEEKEND PACKAGE has become available.

See:www.dxfeile.ie for full details and programme.

Replies asap to Dave EI9FBB +353877444777


News and Update on Club Activity

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Hello all.

Well where can I start. So far 2019 has not been the best for some members of the group. Chris has had to give up his job he loved due to ill health, Tim has changed his job and had a bt of a time with the change. This has meant both having to put on hold any thoughts on activities and have only been able to operate from home.

The good news is the remainder of the team have all been busy doing their own thing, and sadly had no time to look at activating anywhere or visiting the farm to get the call on the air. This I am sure will change in the next year or so. There are plans currently being discussed to put a lighthouse on the air, a group of us going to Friedrichshafen, and we are also looking at maybe going to the Tokyo Hamfest in the next couple of years. Along with the other group activities that could come along. 

In other News it is god to see IOTA management taking on board concerns for how to introduce new comers in to the award scheme and that all activators should allow everyone a chance to work them not just current chasers and award holders. This follows on from one activation earlier this year only taking calls, and the accrediting them, to stations that currently update each year for eithr Honour Roll or All Time Listing. A little short sighted in my view (Chris G1VDP) as it doesn't encourage new IOTA chasers in to the fray.


Sad news

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

I have taken the following from Ant's G3TXQ Hexbeam Facebook page.

Hi all. It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Steve G3TXQ. Steve was always keen to help all fellow amateurs with antenna issues on the UK Ham Radio Deals amongst other forums. Steve will of course be remembered for eternity as the person who redesigned the Hexbeam to what we now refer to as the G3TXQ Broad Band Hexbeam. No one owes Steve more than I do, the Hexbeam has grown from strength to strength with thousands of units being used worldwide, a true legacy indeed. RIP Steve, you will be truly missed by all that knew you. Our thoughts go out to his family at this sad time. Ant & Laura

We are almost all Hexbeam users built by Ant and designed by Steve, and we here at S.H.A.R.K pass on our condolences to Steve's family at this sad time.

Seasonal Greatings

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

As the 2018 year end draws ever closer, we like to wish all our friends around the world seasons greetings in their home language, and we do apologise if we miss yours off the list. Lets hope that 2019 brings us all we wish for, good conditions on the radio and I hope to see you all for a drink (you are buying) at some point throughout the year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd dda

Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo
Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annèe

Felices Pascuas y Feliz Año Nuevo

Vasel Koleda

Froehliche Weihnachten undein gluckliches Nues Jahr

Kala Christougenna Kieftihismenos O Kenowios Chronos

Boldoy Karácsonyt

Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia

Cestitamo Bozia

Boas Fiestas e um feliz Ano Novo

Nollaig Shona Dhuit

From all at Strumble Head Amateur Radio Klub

Future Activities

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Over the past couple of days while Tim & Chris were down at the farm with Rob they had a quick chat and bandied around a couple of ideas for the next club activity.

We still need to chat with the rest of the guys but there maybe something happening next year. We just need to get together and put some plans together.

Watch this space and we will keep you informed.

Activity Ended

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Sadly we have had to cut our activity short. The weather has forced us to lower the mast with the hexbeam due to high winds hitting the UK. This left us with the Windom and active on 40m, we tried to make as many contacts as possible but again the weather caused high static noise. We have also had a minor failure with the amp so this is going to be taken in for repair tomorrow. 

We will be back on again soon. Don't for get to use the OQRS sytem for any card requests, and please DO NOT send us QSL cards via the bureau.

Thanks once again for the contacts, Chris and Tim.

MC0SHL Up and Running

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Tim (M0URX) has fired up the radio and has had an hour on the air making roughly 90 QSO's on 20M. We have taken a break for dinner - 17:00 on 16th September - and will be back on some time around 19:00.

Don't forget we are on the mainland (EU-005). QSL via Tim's OQRS service on his website.


On Air From The Farm HQ

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Chris (G1VDP) and Tim (M0URX) are planning a trip to the farm HQ from Sunday 15 September 2018 for a few days. They plan on being on the air and activating the MC0SHL call on various bands. Chris is hoping to try out some FT8 if he can, first time for him using this mode, and maybe some RTTY. This will count for WFF GFF15 and IOTA EU-005 Mainland Great Britain. 

QSL using the OQRS on Tim's website (follow this link).


Plane Crashes on Local Beach

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Some local news from the Pembrokeshire area. This has happened close to both Ramsey Island and a little further down the coast from our club HQ. We are saddened to hear that the pilot is injured, but hoopefully not too bad. Follow the below link for full details.


PDXG OQRS v4.61 update

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Taken from Tim (M0URX) and Charles (M0OXO) websites.

oqrs cosmetic

The new version of the PDXG OQRS is now on line and there are quite a lot of changes. Many are cosmetic, adding a bit of colour and others are more practical. I will post a longer description later but two of the main changes;

1) OQRS now allows ''live logging'' by Dxpeditions providing they have a stable Internet connection and are using N1MM.

2) After a log search you will see that we will no longer accept email and social media requests for Missing Call requests. This is a practical change and indeed a safer way to ensure all busted calls are traceable and more important, that none are missed by being sent on many different social media platforms.
Social Media requests need to be discouraged.

By using the Log Check Request Form for missing Q's this also helps me identify any serious log issues that i need to report to the DX team.

Thanks, hope you enjoy the new version which you will catch on both M0URX and M0OXO OQRS sites.

Ramsey Island Blog

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Hello all,

Not much happening within the group at the minute. No expeditions planned, no on air activity, or trips to our HQ - well not until September. But we like to keep up to date with what's happening down in the local area, especially the news on the RSPB Reserve we visit Ramsey Island.

The wardens, Greg and Lisa, along with their team of volunteers keep a blog and are always updating with news and pictures. Well worth supporting and bookmarking just to keep up with the island news.


Not only the RSPB blog, but Thousand Island Boat Trips also run a blog on their website and Facebok pages showing photo's of the wildlife around the islands.

So while there are no sun spots there is still plenty to keep our interest in the area while off the air.