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CQWW-SSB 2008 Results

Tim Beaumont
Tim Beaumont

Oliver telephoned me this evening to tell me the exciting news that the results for the CQWW-SSB 2008 Contest are out and that we have 5 first place in the Assisted Category on each band and a 2nd place. So well done to all operators and well done to the team for a great effort. Here are the results.


Call sign   Band       Points       Qs      Zones    DXCC's   Positon Operated by

GW1VDP     28 MHz              846         45         3            15       1st Wales     G1VDP Chris
GW4OH       21 MHz        119,196       412       29           100       1st Wales   MW0JZE Anthony
MC0SHL        7 MHz        133,680       885       24            96        1st Wales    M0URX  Tim
MW0X          7 MHz        111,201       823       22            79        2nd Wales    M0OXO Charles
MW0JRX     3.5 MHz        145,420      1001       19            91       1st Wales   MW0JRX Oliver
MW9W       1.8 MHz          34,488       448       12            60       1st Wales   OM0AAO Viliam

Welsh records achieved for 21 MHz, 7 MHz, 3.5 MHz and 1.8 MHz in CQWW-SSB Assisted Category. 

An interesting statistic from the CQ records "Jeff N5TJ is arguably the top phone operator in the world at the moment, working over 10000 stations in 48 hours as a single-operator!" Jeff did that as VP2E Anguilla in 2004.
That is an incredible 208 Qs per hour! How do you do that? Answers on a postcard!