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CQ WPX SSB Contest Results

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

As in a previous posting Oliver and I were down at the farm at the end of March 2009 taking part in the CQ WPX Phone Contest. We both did a single band entry and the results have recently been published. We both did better than we thought and it looks like we have some more certificates to adorn the club shack walls.

MW9W (MW0JRX)world 3rd & Europe 3rd: single-op assisted, high power, 7MHz
MC0SHL (G1VDP); world 3rd & Europe 3rd: single-op assisted high-power 3.7MHz

Well done both.

This year again there will be single band entries in the CQ WPX, using both calls if there are enough operators there. Hope to work you on air some time.