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Club activity update

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough
Hello all.

Things have been a little quiet for the guys from SHDXCG, but we have all been on the air at various times through out the past few months.

The big thing we have all been involved in is the planning for the Ramsey Island activation in July, and almost everything is now in place. Rob has made contact with the people who's boat we will be using to ship the team members and equipment over with, Oli has the laptops ready and working, Tim has got hold of the rotators we are going to be using (and negotiated a good deal with ML&S the suppliers), Ant is busy finishing the Hexbeams, Chris has sorted out the vehicle for the logistics and making the 80M dipole we will use this year, and sadly we will be without Charles on this trip - but in his place we will have Tony, G4LDL, who we have welcomed to the group and look forward to introducing to the island. Charles has kindly volunteered to act as a pilot for the group and will be our eyes and ears from the mainland.

But before this event we have a bigger celebration. At the end of June we have a wedding.

and Jane are getting married and we will all be attending to celebrate with them. There will be no radio operation - unless we get a spare 30 mins to put the 40M vertical up - this time around but we will be sharing the day with all our friends on here when we get home. We will have a new gallery with the photos and I guess a report (if any of us can remember the day! hihi).

So even though we are not on as a group, we are still active and planning.

See you all on the air.