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CQWW 2010 and Rob MW0RLJ

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Hello all,

Only a couple of us come down to the farm this year, Oli and Chris. Oli is doing a 20M entry using his own call MW0JRX, and Chris is going on either 10M or 40M with the MW9W call.

The weekend has not started too good though. Chris has had to take Rob to hospital as he was in agony with kidney stones. He has been kept in over night and will be having some treatment today. I am sure all our friends out in radio land wish him a speedy recovery as do we at the SHDXCG.

Chris has also had to go QRT today due to bad operating and stations calling when he has asked for another call - not even the letters in the callers call sign. This is just poor operating and until people start to listen and realise that they will get a contact quicker this will never stop. If you do hear people keep calling then do tell them how to operate correctly.

Many thanks and see you in the pile ups.