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Ramsey 2011

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough
Details The time is near. The boys are almost ready, well they are all ready to go just a thing called work in the way at the minute!

It has been finalised that we will be on Ramsey island (EU-124) on Thursday 9th June at around 08:30 (local) and will hopefully be on the air with all 3 stations running from 14:00 (local) onwards! We aim to be on all bands from 80M through to 6M, so please do listen for us.

This is if all goes to plan, and there are no sudden problems. The only thing we can see that could prevent us landing is the weather, but looking at long range forecasts it is looking like the UK is heading in to a settled and very warm period. Lets hope the bands are as lively, and we can work our friends around the world on as many bands as possible.

Remember we will be looking for Asia on all bands as we know that EU-124 is still in the top 30 most wanted from that area. And as before we will be adhering to the DX code of conduct, see elsewhere on the site.

We ask all callers to listen to what we ask, if we ask for DX outside EU, then please do not call if you live in a European Country! Please also use your full call, this makes the QSO numbers alot quicker. And if we ask for a station with "Delta Kilo" and your call does not have these letters then please be quiet and wait your turn. The number of QSO's will remain higher and less QRM means easier and quicker QSO's. This is especially needed on RTTY, where Chris and Charles will be having some fun.

Many thanks and we look forward to hearing you and seeing you on our screens.