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Ramsey Island is a go!

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough


We now have the dates confirmed by Greg, the RSPB warden, for this years trip to Ramsey Island (EU-124). Due to this year being a special anniversary for the island and the RSPB, it is 20 years since the RSPB aquired the island, and there are numerous activities happening throughout the year and we have had to slip in on a weekend when there will be no QSL-MC0SHL-2bird counts, no big visits, and when Greg & LIsa will be able to assist us with moving our equipment. There will also be a number of events in St Davids to help commemorate this anniversary so do look for them if you are in the area.

We will be using our regular call of MC0SHL throughout the weekend and if you require a QSL card then please use the OQRS service on Tim's website to receive your card.

This year we will only be having 2, possible 3, stations on the air, and there will only be a small team going over to the island. This will consist of Rob (MW0RLJ) and his wife Jane (our sanity and the best cook on a 2 ring stove I have ever met), Charles (M0OXO), Ant (MW0JZE) and Chris (G1VDP). Charles and Chris hope to do some RTTY using a Kenwood TS480 @ 200W output.

QSL-MC0SHL-2-BACKSadly Tim (M0URX) cannot make it (at the moment but we all hope he does and have our fingers crossed), and Tony (G4LDL) is also unsure at the moment.

So do listen out for the guys on all bands from 80M through to 6M between July 12th 2012 and July 16th 2012. A full report and photos will be on here and we will also be uploading some videos to You Tube, and if you search for MC0SHL (or click on this link) there is a selection of our current videos from previous activations.