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Equipment on the move

Rob Johns
Rob Johns

Written by Rob MW0RLJ

Well things have started moving to Ramsey island already.

Today I took over some new beds, all the fuel required for the generators and all the food needed to feed us for the 4 days of our stay.

The day started with a phone call from Greg, the warden of the island, he informed me that it was all set for me to bring the stuff over using the boat owned by Derek Rees, who has the contract to carry all the goods needed on the island.

I was to meet him at another local harbour called Porthclais which is a few miles south of our usual harbour of St Justinians.  I arrived just before 10.30 and soon saw his boat entering the harbour.

porthclais 9 july 2012  Ramsey 007
After reversing the trailer back to the slipway, and loading our equipment, we then had to remove the fuel bowser which he had onboard .He had just been using the bowser to refuel a survey vessel which is surveying Ramsey Sound to find the best place to install turbines for generating electricity, which will be driven by the incredibly powerful tidal currents which pass through this narrow body of water.

porthclais 9 july 2012  Ramsey 008porthclais 9 july 2012  Ramsey 009After that was done it was time to head out to sea.

Once we were out of the confines of this very small and beautifull little harbour, Derek opened up the 2 Evinrude 200 horse power engines and we practically flew across the water at 30 knots towards our destination of Ramsey Island's landing stage.  

I think it must have been at this stage that my camera decided to give up. Anyway after a quick crossing it was time to unload, this was helped by Greg using the crane type device which they have on the Quay wall for unloading and loading the heavier items which are moved to and from the island. 

Greg was ably assisted by their assistant  warden Nia, who we met thporthclais 9 july 2012  Ramsey 010ere last year and has returned for another few months on Ramsey.

After unloading it was time for a quick chat with Greg about our time of arrival on Thursday which has now been set for around 10.00 am. Derek and I then left for our return to the mainland, but rather than going back to Porthclais we headed for St Justinians, which is where the boat is moored. On approaching the harbour I began to think that this is becoming a habit, 3 times in 2 months.

 Iporthclais 9 july 2012  Ramsey 011 think it just shows that the island is such a magical place, and it keeps on drawing us back, and it is so magical that it  even brought my camera back to lifeporthclais 9 july 2012  Ramsey 018, how great was that!

After mooring the boat it was a quick spin in the tender boat to the small slipway below the lifeboat launching slipway. Then a nice walk back to Derek's farmhouse,where we picked up a car and drove back down to Porthclais to pick up the vehicles that we had left there earlier. Half an hour later i was at home and looking forward to our stay on Ynys Dewi...