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"Wind Stops Play" - Early end to Ramsey Island expedition.

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written by Chris G1VDP.

Well that's it for another year. We have now left Ramsey Island and are back at the farm relaxing DSC 0090before our journeys home. Every year when we get back on the main land we look back and comment on how privileged we are to have once more been allowed to go and stay on the island, and to set up our radio equipment to give the amateur radio community the chance to make contact with us. We also know that this would not be possible without the support and permission of Greg and Lisa (the Wardens on Ramsey Island) who each year welcome us on to the island and in to their home.

Saturday brought clearer weather, with only a short sharp shower and allowed the guys to not only get on the air but also go for a walk and explore theDSC 4033 island a little more. We also had a 5th operator this year with Laura (MW6INK) getting on air and working the pile ups. This is the first time Laura has been with us and from the smile on her face when she got off the radio not the last. We also thank all who called her for standing by and behaving in the pile up - why can't all operators get the same respect and look at the DX Code of Conduct? Rob (MW0RLJ) also got on the air and again had fun, Rob usually is the one who sits back and allows the guys to get on with the job in hand and keeps an eye on the antennas and general maintenance of DSC 4003the station.

Saturday is also the day where we invite Greg, Lisa and their team to join us for the evening meal and a few drinks. And this year we had a special meal made by Jane and Laura, each year we are amazed at what Jane cooks up with the basic facilities we have available over there. This years meal was made with some of the natural resources available to us on the island - eggs from the chickens, mushrooms from the fields, and other natural foods found around the island.  The main meal was followed with Apple Pie and custard, kindly brought over to us by Janes friend Eryl and her husband Dennis, home made and mouthwateringly delicious. The team of volunteers joined us andDSC 4032 thouroughly enjoed the evenings fun and drinks.

Sunday morning and there were a few thick heads with the intake of wine the previous evening. Greg came up to advise that we would have to leave the island later in the day due to some adverse weather that was on it's way. The winds were forecasted to be reaching 30 to 35 MPH. These winds would cause the sea swells to become dangerous for loading and unloading the boat at the Lifeboat Station. As the weather was sunny and calm - exact opposite to what we were forecast on Monday - we decide to pack up the antennas in a leisurely manner and enjoy the sun rather than getting wet as in previous years.

DSC 0057By 2pm we were all ready and started moving the kit down to the harbour wall ready to load on to the Gower Ranger and back to the main land. It also allowed us to sit and chat with the team of volunteers down at the farm house as they waited for the days visitors to depart. We were also entertained by some Kyakers playing in the white water of the Bitches. These guys really are entertaining and mad, especially when you think how powerful the water is flowing through. Eventually it was our turn to load the boat and sail back to the main land.

Once more we would like to thank Greg and Lisa for allowing us to visit and stay on Ramsey Island. The volunteers Nia (assistant warden), Tom, Andrea, and Rona for their company and help. Thousand Island Expeditions for taking us to and returning us safely to the main land. To the RNLI at St Justinians for the use of the lift to move equipment up and down the cliffe. And to Eryl and Dennis for coming over and surprising us with the apple pie and other gifts of food. And a big thank you from all the boys to Jane and Laura for looking after us and feeding us while we had fun on the radio.DSC 0080

We have also decided to start a Facebook Page where all our friends in the radio world will be able to join us on line when we are on one of our activations and chat with us - as well as being able to comment on here in the guestbook.