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Olympics - 1 Week gone

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written by Chris G1VDP

What can I say, the Olympic Games are proving to be as popular as ever. Not just because of the Gold Medals being won by Team GB, but for the whole party atmosphere. From the opening ceremony to the track and field events to the MO0OXO2sailing contest on the south coast of England there has been a celebratory atmosphere at all events. I myself have watched sports that I have never before had any interest in, and enjoyed every minute. I am not a good sailor and cannot row a boat on the local park lake, but I have been enthralled by the rowing competition and would like to congratulate all medal winners in this discipline.

On air it has been fun also, both Charles (MO0OXO) and Chris (GO1VDP) have been on air making lots of contacts around the world - even though the band conditions have not been at their best. Charles has spent most of his time on digi modes and Chris has been on SSB for a change. Both stations have now received the proof of their QSL cards, Charles sharing his with his good friend John (GO4RCG) who has been very active on CW. Both are quite different designs as can be seen and would look good in any collection. The only wayQSL-GO1VDP to get these cards is to request one from either Charles for MO0OXO/GO4RCG or for GO1VDP from Tim (M0URX) by the OQRS service they offer (click on name and follow the link), or send for a direct card with $2 US or 1 IRC to cover return postage and a self addressed envelope to them.

Again we would like to send our best regards and congratulations to all medal winners from all countries, and also thanks to all involved in the games for their effort in organising and taking part. We would also like to send congratulations to all the Team GB medal winners and well done to all other Team GB members for their hard work and dedication to get into the team - maybe next time the Medals will be yours for the taking.

Don't forget to try our Facebook page also, we will be using this when we are on one of our activations to interact and chat with all our friends.