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Olympics - Games Over (For Now)

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written by Chris G1VDP

The Olympic Games ended last weekend with them being declared a success, and we have to agree here at S.H.A.R.K. Not only were they entertaining but they also showcased some sports that would not usually be seen on television or Closing 1watched by people other than the ones who actively take part in them.

Team GB ended the games with 65 medals in total and some new heros and role models for the younger generation to look up to. These are people from normal walks of life who have been training over numerous years for that one day in their life to take part in a race or Jess winnerother competition that may only take seconds to complete. Some countries only had a small number of athletes, and we have to thank the government of Saudi Arabia for allowing women to take part in the games for the first time - fantastic forward thinking from the Saudi regime.

There were many other countries who's athletes can hold their heads high as they are amongst the elite of people taking part in the Olympic games, some overcoming many adverse conditions and hardships from Girls pursuittheir background, overcoming poverty, and disabilities - although the main Paralympic Games don't start for another 2 weeks - there was the South African runner who has overcome all predjudices and his loss of his legs to run at the games. Congratulations to all the medal winners, not just the Team GB, but all the others from all the nations.

Thanks must also be given to the thousands of volunteer Games Makers who helped with the running of the games, from the guy who gave directions to and from the events at the rail station to the volunteers who carried the medals and flowers at the presentations, these people gave up their time for free just to be a part of this wonderful show.

Now we must look forward to the Paralympic games as previously mentioned. These athletes are people with a disabilityoscar-pistorius-2012-olympics1 who love sport and train hard to be the best in their chosen discipline. Some may not look like they have a disability, may be a guy who is deaf riding a horse, others are amputees or born with limbs missing. These are the true heroes of the world. Overcoming everything to take part. We wish every one of them luck, and think they all should get a medal - gold to be honest - just for taking part.

But whichever games they are in I am sure they will all have fantastic memories, I know I have of some of the Team GB winners and their Kat and Sophiereactions at winning. "We won the Olympics" said by Katherine Copeland as she and Sophie Hosking realised they had come first in the womens Double Sculls will always be a memory for me, a humble ordinary girl winning gold!

Well done to all from the first part of the Games and good luck to the Paralympians for their games in 2 weeks time. And with a closing ceremony party to hand over the flag for the next games it was down To Boris Johnson - the Mayor of London - to pass on the Olympic flag to the Mayor of Rio De Janeiro for the 2016 games. Roll on 2016 and the next Olympics from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and the next batch of medalPassing flag winners.

And don't forget we still have until September the 9th to use our special calls here in the UK. So please do listen out for them over the next 3 weeks - Chris GO1VDP  and Charles MO0OXO will be active over the period on both DIGI and voice - look for them on PSK63 or PSK125 and RTTY for the DIGI modes.