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Olympics - Coming to the end

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written by Chris G1VDP

Sadly we are coming to the end of the Paralympic games, and the Olympic games in London 2012. And to the end of emotionswhat has been a memorable event here in the UK. It has shown that people from ordinary walks of life can achieve their goals and become winners at all levels.

There have been tears of joy, of pain, and of failure. Smiles and laughter. And every other emotion that a human can show. Photographs in the media of a proud parent looking on as their child has just won a medal, photos of the atheletes - both able bodied and paralympians - crossing the finish line with the smiles of the winner and anguish of thesimmonds 2326555i loser, and one that as I have previously said will stand out for me of the british rower crossing the line and the sudden realisation of winning gold and saying to her partner "we just won the Olympics". But every competitor, in my book, is a winner for qualifying and taking part. Heroes all.

There have been other moments to remember too. The video on you tube of the games maker being ironic and sarcastic, the disabled Blade runnersatheletes in the 100M using the special developed blades, the Equestrian events with the jumps being made to show London landmarks, our Queen entering the games by jumping out of a helicopter (a spoof we know but how funny), the opening cermonies with their themes and spectacular shows, and I guess the closing cermonies - although we haven't seen the closing of the Paralympic games yet - which were and will be just as spectacular and fun.

On a radio point of view we have had fun for the past few weeks usingRowers win our special prefixes, and it has been fun for me to have other hams email me asking if we can make a contact with them. It has been my pleasure on all occasions to oblige the requests and make the contacts. The special event Stations in London and Wales (2O12L and 2O12W respectively) have both been popular on the bands along with the special call aired by our good friends in Warrington GB2012MV. We hope you all had fun chasing these special calls, and especially the individual calls that all the UK radio amateurs david-weir ap 2329137bhad the chance to use if they applied for their Notice of Variation to their licence.

So as a group we would like to send our thanks to all the atheletes, volunteers and organisers of the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic games for the fun, the tears and the spectacular sporting endeavours over the past 6 weeks. We now look forward 4 years to Brazil in 2016 and hope that they have as a successful games as in the UK.