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Fitting End to a Summer of Sport

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written by Chris G1VDP

Thats it folks. The fantastic Summer of Sport has come to the end. We have been treated to a superb Olympic and 2012-wsbk-misano-2-650x384Paralympic games in London. A excellent Euro 2012 football tournament, where we must congratulate Spain on winning their third consecutive competition. Some exciting motorsports with the F1 and Moto GP races - and hopefully some still to come as the seasons come to an end. And even better World Super Bike racing, again with a couple of races left in the season and it couldn't be any closer.

I may have missed some sports off this list, but these are the ones we at Strumble Head Amateur Radio Klub have been watching. It now comes into the winter sports and our other favourite sport Rugby - a gentlemanly game played with odd shaped balls. We also have theTheParalympiccauldronflameburnsduringtheclosingceremonyoftheLondon2012ParalympicGames winter DXing and contesting season to look forward to on the radio, with the CQWW RTTY first at the end of September, then the SSB leg in October, and finally the CW in November. I am sure you will hear some of the members on the air, we may even get M9W or MW9W on if we get chance. 

But back to the end of the Paralympics and closing ceremony. Like the opening ceremony it was a full on spectacular event with Coldplay and Rhiana taking centre 2012-09-11-carryingtheflagstage and giving 2 of the best concerts of their lives. Then on Monday 10th September most of the members of Team GB had a parade through London ending at Buckingham Palace and a special concert. I guess we here in the UK certainly know how to put on a show when we turn our minds to it. The best thing about the whole olympic game thing, in my opinion, is that virtually everyone has been behind Team GB, or as we have many120909115754-para-closing-16-horizontal-large-gallery foreign visitors and people living here behind their national team. I live in the Asian community and they have been fantastic fun, cheering for Team GB when they have not had any entrants from their home country to cheer, having some banter with me about the games - but then I am also a cricket lover and when England play Pakistan or India the fun we have is superb.

When we have not been watching the Olympics the whole Strumble team have been busy with other aspects of their lives and hobbies.

Tim and Charles have been busy with their QSL work, especially as they share the burden of the 2 major dxpeditions of CY9M andCY9M 9M4SSL OQRS (Online QSL Request Service). I believe both lots of cards are almost ready for despatch and it is wise to keep an eye on Tims website for full details.

9M4SLLAnt and Laura have been major busy with their shop (click here for great deals on printer ink) and Ant with his Antenna building work. Ant is also in the final stages of planning a trip to Lundy Island mid October with John (M5JON) and Peter (M0ILT), sadly I have had to pull out of this due to financial constraints.

Rob has been busy down on the farm with the Harvesting of the crops. Again a full time job. Jane managed to get up to London for the Olympic Equestrian dressage event at the start of the games and hopefully we may get a update from them both shortly.OlympicsParalympicsTeamGBLondon2012VictoryfTbfGL5E7iOl

Tony as usual is retired and is working even harder now than when he was in full time employment! He is also busy with the roll as Secretary for the CDXC group.

Chris has been enjoying the Olympics and getting on the air with GO1VDP when he has finished his work, and as can be seen on here updating the blog as often as possible.

Charles and Chris, and some of the other guys too, share a passion for aircraft, Chris is more the old military ones and Charles anything that gets airborne. Needless to say Chris had a trip to his homeland of Yorkshire and spent a afternoon watching the DSC 4122Avro Vulcan XH558 take off and land at Robin Hood Airport Doncaster - this used to be RAF Finnigley near Doncaster where there used to be some fantastic airshows. The Vulcan still brings up the hairs on the back of his neck when it is seen what an Awesome sight!

That's about it for the group update. Heres to a good winter DXing season and lets hope that the sun is kind to us.