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Vulcan XH558 Fly Past at Coventry

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written by Chris G1VDP

What a sight, this plane never ceases to amaze me. The people of Coventry turned out in their thousands at Coventry Airport to watch this awesome aircraft pay homage to the people and the companies that manufactured parts that went in to the building of these magnificent aircraft.

Coventry played its part with the 2 factories of Dunlop (Now Meggitt) and Rolls Royce. The Dunlop factory in the Holbrookes area would have supplied some of the parts for the braking system, wheels and possibly the anti icing system fitted to most aircraft. The Rolls Royce factory with their engine manufacturing plant just outside Coventry supplying the DSC 4200engines in this bomber.

Strangely when the aircraft flew through the engine noise was a lot quieter than I remember, and certainly a lot quieter than when it took off and landed at Doncaster a couple of weeks ago. But then all aircraft now are made to fly quieter for the anti noise pollution laws.

As I said the crowds were in the thousands, with every vantage point along the airport perimeter road taken and the car park of a local retail area being full along with the laybys at the side of the A45 and A46 also being full. I also had a comment from a friend who was working and driving his articulated lorry on the A42 saying "I almost put my lorry up the grass banking when it flew over my head, the noise and the sight frit (a local word for frightened) me to death!" Obviously he had not been warned that the old girl was coming over!!!!DSC 4203

I would like to thank the volunteers and the charity that keep this awesome aircraft flying. It is not owned by the Government, the RAF or a big corporation and is only able to fly and keep going on donations from shows and fund raising events. Full details are on the Vulcan to the Sky website, and just to show how much it costs to keep the plane in the air the fuel for the flight today cost £15,000.00 (GBP) or $24,250.00 (US) - so not a cheap thing to keep airborne and all donations welcomed.