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Ramsey Island - a Different View.

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Today Chris (G1VDP), his mum, Rob (MW0RLJ) and Jane went on a boat trip around Ramsey Island.DSC 0186 cs6

This allowed them to see many of the birds and seals that reside on the cliffs and beaches of this beautiful island. They also visited St Davids and the St Davids lifeboat station. The photos will be uploaded into the gallery over the coming days.DSC 0295 cs6





We must also stress that at NO point has the MC0SHL call been on air from the island this week, and the reports on the cluster on Thursday were wrong. We are operating from the farm on Mainland Great Britain EU-005. We will try and get on for an hour or two again this evening if band conditions improve.

DSC 0319 cs6 vg 

    DSC 0445 cs6