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A Bit of a Do

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Once again a group of us will be gathering at the farm to celebrate New Year and have some fun. REMEMBER THIS IS NOT THE IOTA ACTIVATION BUT OUR HQ....

We are hoping to get on the air over the period where there will be a few operators so we may be on a couple of bands at the same time. We have a 80M vertical that has only been erected once and really needs testing so if we can and Rob will allow us we may get that out and get on that band as we very rarely use it.

It will be more relaxed operating and we will be using Facebook while there so if you log in and like the page we will be uploading and adding photo's as we go along. We may even video some of the activation and upload that too.

Seasons greetings and hope to meet you on the air.