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Bureau cards - What a waste

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written by: Charles - M0OXO

I hope this is a wake up call for many!

WP 20140803 002The volume of incoming bureau cards that as a Qsl Manager I have to deal with is amazing. Sadly, a massive amount of these are not required and just end up being recycled. I don't even have time to look at the beautiful photos that appear on many of them

The Photos in this item show the amount of unwanted cards that I discarded yesterday. There were 46 Kilo, around 17-18,000 Qsl cards and most of these would have been shown in my Qsl information as ''Qsl Cards NOT required''.

OQRS is so important. Why send unwanted cards through the bureau when they are not required? If you use OQRS you can request your card just the same.  The only difference is that with OQRS you will get the card probably 2 years earlier than if you send via the Bureau and, it saves you money as you areWP 20140803 003 not wasting your cards!

Before you request a bureau card from me, please check out this page. http://www.m0oxo.com/qsl-manager/callsigns-i-manage.html  This will tell you whether or not the station does or does not require your card. Please cut down on bureau wasteage, you will save your time and my time as well as saving yourself money.


As a club we get sent cards through the bureau system for every activation we do. BUT we have one big problem. Because the club is not affiliated to the RSGB we cannot collect the cards from the sub bureau. This means that every card sent to us through this way just gets thrown away or into the recycling system and we never see them. This is not only for MC0SHL but Tim (M0URX) also has problems with some of the calls he manages. So if you need a card use Tim's OQRS system to request the bureau card, and you will receive it completely FREE of charge and probably within a couple of months as opposed to a couple of years.