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Bureau and QSL Manager Update

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Hello all,

Firstly we would like to send our appologies to any of you who have sent for a QSL card via the bureau by sending one of your cards for any of our activations previous to this last year (2014). The RSGB bureau is refusing to send cards to Tim if they are for MC0SHL as the club is not affiliated to them - in other words we have not paid for a club membership even though every member of the team are RSGB members. We have also found out that these cards are being returned to the senders with this information on them. To us as a group we find this a silly situation, simply because it is showing us in a bad light. We have offered to pay for a bureau only posting service as we are not wanting or in need of the full RSGB membership for the group and this is being looked into. In fact it is 6 months since Tim or Charles received any cards from the RSGB bureau for any of the call signs they look after - and that includes all the SHARK members - so none of us are getting the cards through the system.

If you have sent a card via the bureau and would like one returning that way then please use the OQRS system on Tim's website - just follow this link OQRS BUREAU REQUEST and Tim will get the card out to you. If you want to request a direct card remember we do ask for contributions towards the postal cost, etc. Bureau cards are free and do not incur a direct cost to you, but we have noticed recently how the cost for posting to the bureaus has increased with more people requesting cards this way.

Which brings me on to the next bit of news. Tim has had to renew his computer system and close his QSL request service and operations for a few days to get all the logs and other information over to the new machine. This is because his old one, 8 years old and a very busy machine, is just about to give up on him. So give him a day or two more to catch up and he will be able to sort the cards immediately.

Even though we all think that a bureau card is free there are costs involved, and the following is taken from Tim's website:

Bureau Expenses                                          Created on Monday, 18 August 2014 06:56

With many Bureau users requesting many cards at a time, I would like to remind you that no bureau system is free, it actually costs us a LOT of money. There is the cost of printing the QSL cards and the cost of posting to all World Bureaus to pay.

Please consider donating via PayPal towards expenses This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thank you.