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End of EU-124 for 2015

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

That's it for another year.

D7K 7284 Ant SunsetThe sun has set on another of our activations.

It has been a great few days on the island and alltogether a fantastic 10 days away for this operator (G1VDP - Chris). A big thank you to Charles, Rob and Jane for their company and friendship over this period.

Both myself and Charles started early with a few days relaxing at the farm getting on the air for a couple of hours, and fishing the small pond that Rob has on his property catching well over 200 small Rudd. We set up the FT897 and a laptop for exclusive 100w digi operations on PSK63 and RTTY ready for on the island.

When Tim, Vinny, Ant and Laura arrived we had a small party and learned all about the new Hexbeams and how easy they are to construct and attach to a mast.

Tony and Glenys arrived late on the Thursday and we sailed on the Friday. From then on it was fun and laughter all the way through the weekend, with some serious operating as soon as the bands opened. We ended the 3 days - well 2 and 1/2 if we take out the waiting time on Friday for the sheep to be sheared and Monday's stripping down of the equipment - with over 4000 contacts in the log (check Tim's online log search), and the bands were in poor shape for most of Friday evening and Saturday.

We all got back to the farm and started heading home on the Tuesday morning, again with Charles and Chris being the last 2 to leave as we had an extra days holiday. Thanks all for your work, friendship and fun all weekend.

And a huge thanks from us all to Greg & Lisa - the RSPB wardens on the island - and their team for their help and allowing us to go over to do what we do. As Greg stated "the aliens have landed" upon seeing the Hexbeams. We must also say thanks to Thousand Islands Expeditions for their support and for taking us over to the island with all the kit each year, Morgan - the Gower Ranger's skipper - is a big help along with his crew who always make us welcome and feel safe.

I personally want to thank the team for everything, and to thank Vinny (M0TAV) for fitting in and being our guest operator this year. Photo's to follow in a new gallery as soon as I have sorted through them.

Also thanks to all who called in and worked us. Tim is now processing all the QSL requests through his OQRS and will be despatching the directs as soon as done and the bureau in his next posting to the international bureaus direct. As we have asked previously please don't send us your cards as they are just recycled (we have no where to store them) and it is far quicker for you to request through OQRS. Again thanks for the on air fun and we will see you all again at our next on air activation.