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New Contest

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

At last a contest where stations from the UK are wanted and count for multipliers. This should make for some interesting pileups for even the smallest station as the contest gets going.

The United Kingom and Ireland Contest Club (UKEICC) are starting a new contest this year where UK stations will count as multipliers - full rules here. The contest will be over 2 weekends, the SSB leg in December and CW in January (5th/6th December 12:00z to 12:00z and 23/24 Jan 12:00z to 12:00z) so plenty of time to get some practice in.

For the first couple of years the rules will allow stations from around the world to work each other, and every first contact with a DXCC on each band counting as a multiplier. But to really boost the score stations from outside the UK/EI will need to work each district code on each band for extra multipliers.

"What are the district codes?" I hear you ask. These are based on the first 2 letters of the stations postcode, for example mine would be CV, or as in the case of Sheffield (where there is only 1 letter) add the last letter of the city name SD. EI stations will use the abreviation for their county. A full list of the codes, along with a full list of the rules can be found on the UKEICC Contest page.

We also would like to announce that Ant, MW0JZE, is sponsoring some of the trophies available so get on the air and win a nice certificate for the shack wall and a trophy to stand on the shelf above the radio.