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Update on Activity and Klub Members

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Well the past two years have been a little difficult for us all to find time to get together for any of our activations. We all have work and families to put before the Klub. We are still all friends and regularly meet up on Skype or speak over the phone. But we are hoping this is going to change going forward.

We no longer hold the contest call MW9W, and we have put this on the biography on QRZ.com. We wish Ian, (GW0KRL) the new holder of the caall, all the best and maybe see the call once again in the contest results as the #1 station in Wales - well OK #2 after MC0SHL in the contest we enter hihi. The dates we held the call to and from (this includes M9W) are 29 March 2008 through to 15 December 2013, any QSO's outside these dates are not with the S.H.A.R.K. boys.

We will be on the air some time between the 16th and 20th July 2018 from the farm. It is hoped that there will be a couple of operators in attendance. There will also be updates and new images in the gallery afterwards. A trip around Ramsy Island is planned to get some photographs of the flora, fauna, and wildlife around the island and the farm. 

So listen out for us, and please do listen to what the operator says - if they ask for outside EU then please stand by and we will get around to working you, just don't keep calling and calling if you can't hear anything as you will not go in the log - and only call with your full call sign.