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MC0SHL on the air

Tim Beaumont
Tim Beaumont

All the team arrived safe last night and we managed to erect the 1/4wave veritcal with radials ground mounted. We got on40m_vertical the air and made just over 300 contacts on SSB, and then managed to set up a RTTY station where Chris G1VDP made 30 + contacts this evening just as we set up the first station for the contest.

During the day we have erected the antennas for 160M, 80M and got the measuring_for_the_80m_qw_verticalbeams made up but laid on the ground ready to go on the masts. We have been hindered by high winds and driving rain. Due to the severe weather we have decided to drop down the 2 poles for the top band antenna, which is a band we wanted to try out, this is because none of us had ever really used the band to good effect.

The 80M antenna is another 1/4 wave vertical with radials, again ground mounted, which has been built by our antenna guru Ant MW0JZE. This will give us the option of having some fun on this band tonight.

Due to the severe weather we have decided to get all the radios and computers set up in the shack, this is just to keep warm and out of the wind and rain. Oliver MW0JRX, our computer guru, has networked all the computers so we can utilise the chat feature and see where each station are operating during thebending_well_in_the_50mph_gales contest to allow us to pass on the multipliers.

It is now time for us to relax and enjoy a glass of wine or 2, and maybe a cold beer before we retire to bed.