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'Pushing the envelope'

Charles Wilmott
Charles Wilmott

Hi, Saturday evening and missing Strictly Come Dancing but for a good cause. Everything progressing well at this location with the 10 & 15M operators pushing the envelope of their Stations as contacts on those bands have been very challenging today. The 40M station still doing very well as Tim M0URX (MC0SHL) approaches the end of his 24hour stint and Charles   M0OXO (MW0X) takes over. Tim says:- ''I am very tired today as the weather in the last few days has hampered our efforts to get the stations on line. We were still erecting antennas up to the start of the contest in the dark and this made a chance of any rest before the contest impossible. With 3 hours to go i have 87 DXCC, 22 CQ Zones and around 90,470 points. I am looking forward to the end purely due to the tiredness.''

The Weather here continues to keepm us on our toes. Most of the antennas have held upwell in the 40-50mph gusts here on the cliff top. We understand the Shetland Island stations are having the same problems with the wind and certainly here. The 80M Vertical lost 3 out of the 9 guys and was lashing around good style last night, see photo. snv32366

The 15M mast has moved slightly under the force of the wind and we had to utilise the tractor to stablise it whilst we made the necessary repairs, all ok now but sounding very very rough here and again, driving rain.
These challenges have kept us busy thats for sure but as always we have pulled together as a team and overcome then.

We have had good reports about the use of and the viewing
of the Live Streaming Webcam of the Shack here at           MC0SHL. Please continue to use the facility and who knows maybe at some point we may introduce audio. Maybe thats not too good an idea as I am taking over for the next 24hours!

GL to all and thanks for the contacts in the first half of CQWW 2008, regards,

Charles M0OXO (MW0X)