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End of the week.

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

That's it. Tomorrow we all travel home. Tim and I go back to the Midlands, dropping Anthony MW0JZE off at his home in Llanelli on the way. Charles M0OXO has a 7 hour drive home to his home in Yorkshire. And Oliver MW0JRX will be driving to Manchester airport to take Villiam OM0AAO so he can catch his plane back to Slovakia.

We have taken down almost all the antennas, leavng the 40M vertical so we can make some more contacts this evening and first thing in the morning. All logs will be uploaded on to LOTW before the end of the week, and QSL's sent as we receive them - if you require a bureau card please e-mail our manager M0URX. The report and pictures will also be uploaded to the gallery.

We would like to extend our thanks to all who called in, and especially to those who tried and managed to view the webcam. bending_well_in_the_50mph_gales

The final claimed scores for each station was as follows;

160M MW9W (OM0AAO)-  61 DXCC, 13 Zones, Total Points 39,590
80M MW0JRX (MW0RJX)- 91 DXCC, 18 Zones, Total Points 151,510
40M MC0SHL (M0URX)- 98 DXCC, 23 Zones, Total Points 159,478
40M MW0X (M0OXO) - 83 DXCC, 21 Zones, Total Points 145,288
15M GW4OH (MW0JZE) - 101 DXCC, 29 Zones, Total Points 130,520
10M GW1VDP (G1VDP) - 15 DXCC, 3 Zones, Total Points 846

The conditions on 10M were so bad that I had enough time to get plenty of sleep, keep all the other guys with coffee and tea, ensured they had were fed. I also worked along side Rob MW0RLJ with tightening and securing the guy ropes for the masts. The other bands were alive as can be seen from the results.

Ant  (MW0JZE) feels that he could have done more if we had a 4 element yagi for 15M, he lost out on the Easterly direction, with very few European and Far East ststions in the log - Scandinavia was a noted area missing - so this is something we will be looking at for next year.

We have discussed the 40M results and the only way to improve our scores is to either go for a 4 square or beam - the 2 element beam is looking good at the minute and will be discussed more over the next few months.

80M will be a 4 square for next year, as long as we can get down here for a weekend or 2 to test it out in the new year. I guess this is another excuse to visit this beautiful part of Wales for a beer with good company and even better, with friends.

The antenna for 160M worked well and our top band guru, Viliam OM0AAO, thinks that we could only do a little better if we had beverages for this band, or just go for beverages on 80M.

10M was just a wash out across the country. This is from the reports we had from our friends, and other reports on the contest forums.Next year we will try the same antenna and pray to the propagation gods that the sunspots come back.mw9w-farm

Already we are planning  for a trip some time in the new year to come back down to assist rob in erecting his new Cushcraft X7 beam, which will be our 20M antenna in the future. He has to excavate a big hole and fill it with concrete to mount his 60 foot tower - we have even convinced him to erect the tower for 15M in a more permanent position at the top corner of the field.

We will be updating the website with a full write up, and hopefully may be get it published in a magazine or two.

See you all on the bands from home, and remember to listen out for any of the club calls in contests, or maybe just appearing on the bands at any time. Please also come back and visit our site at any time in the future.

Regards - The Boys from the Strumble Head Dx and Contest Group (MC0SHL)