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Beverage antenna for 80m band


The beverage antenna project for 80m has begun. This weekend I have build simple preamplifier with MSA monolithic microwave integrated circuit. The gain is around 8db and amplifier compression -1dB is at 19dBm point. The gain should be not greater due overloading receiver. Yesterday I have measured input bandpass filter which I got from my another project - RX for 80m. Due the possibility of detuning in various temperatures I have set greater bandwidth. The passband is now 3,52 - 3,92MHz.

Not easy to found non-inductive resistors for beverage. It's terminating resistor with value around 450 Ohms. After several minutes I found suitable resistor in my box. Today I would like to wind transformer 1:9 and move filter on new PCB.

Later I will buy two waterproof plastic boxes and fit all inside them. Probably on the end of November I try beverage antenna on the Air.