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Lundy on the Air

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written By Chris G1VDP

The boys are now on the air from Lundy Island, EU-120, with a very strong signal in the UK. I have taken a couple of video's and they can be seen here at my You Tube channel.

On one of the video's you can hear Charles (M0OXO) in the pile up.

Lundy Island (EU120)

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough
Don't forget guys the following IOTA activation takes place this week.
Lundy Island (EU-120) - A small group will be activating Lundy Island (EU-120) from 11th to 16th October using the call MX0LDG. They will have 2 stations on the air from 06:00 to 00:00 each day - the islands power closes down at midnight each day - on SSB and possibly some DIGI modes. The equipment will consist of a Elekraft K3 and KPA500 amp, a Icom IC706 and Expert 1KW amp, and a back up radio. Antennas will be 2 G3XTQ Hexbeams built by MW0JZE (see http://www.g3txq-hexbeam.com) and a Vertical for 40M.
Team members are;

John - M5JON - Team Leader
Pete - M0ILT
Ant - MW0JZE

A QSL card will be available through the teams manager Tim, M0URX, and all logs will be uploaded to LOTW and Clublog. Please use the OQRS on Tim's website (http://m0urx.com/oqrs/), DO NOT SEND CARDS FOR THIS ACTIVATION VIA THE BUREAU PLEASE USE OQRS.
The team also support the DX Code of conduct (http://dx-code.org/) so please read and understand how to operate before calling.

Vulcan XH558 Fly Past at Coventry

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written by Chris G1VDP

What a sight, this plane never ceases to amaze me. The people of Coventry turned out in their thousands at Coventry Airport to watch this awesome aircraft pay homage to the people and the companies that manufactured parts that went in to the building of these magnificent aircraft.

Coventry played its part with the 2 factories of Dunlop (Now Meggitt) and Rolls Royce. The Dunlop factory in the Holbrookes area would have supplied some of the parts for the braking system, wheels and possibly the anti icing system fitted to most aircraft. The Rolls Royce factory with their engine manufacturing plant just outside Coventry supplying the DSC 4200engines in this bomber.

Strangely when the aircraft flew through the engine noise was a lot quieter than I remember, and certainly a lot quieter than when it took off and landed at Doncaster a couple of weeks ago. But then all aircraft now are made to fly quieter for the anti noise pollution laws.

As I said the crowds were in the thousands, with every vantage point along the airport perimeter road taken and the car park of a local retail area being full along with the laybys at the side of the A45 and A46 also being full. I also had a comment from a friend who was working and driving his articulated lorry on the A42 saying "I almost put my lorry up the grass banking when it flew over my head, the noise and the sight frit (a local word for frightened) me to death!" Obviously he had not been warned that the old girl was coming over!!!!DSC 4203

I would like to thank the volunteers and the charity that keep this awesome aircraft flying. It is not owned by the Government, the RAF or a big corporation and is only able to fly and keep going on donations from shows and fund raising events. Full details are on the Vulcan to the Sky website, and just to show how much it costs to keep the plane in the air the fuel for the flight today cost £15,000.00 (GBP) or $24,250.00 (US) - so not a cheap thing to keep airborne and all donations welcomed.

Vulcan XH558 60th Anniversary Tour

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written by Chris G1VDP

As most of you know Chris and Charles are also aircraft enthusiasts, and Chris is especially a lover of old vintage military aircraft like The Vulcan. And this coming Saturday 29th September 2012 there is a special 60th Anniversary flight of the only remaing flying Vulcan in the UK. Below is the full info,

Taken from XH558 News Letter - see website for full info

This Saturday afternoon 29th September, providing weather conditions and aircraft serviceability allow, XH558 will take off on a 3-hour sortie to commemorate Sixty Glorious Years of the Avro Vulcan as she makes a tour of various airports near to sites that played a significant part in their development or service life.DSC 4047

We can only give approximate route timings from one point to another at this stage, as an exact take-off time will be subject to conditions on the day. Clearance from the relevant ATC units cannot be guaranteed until the aircraft is in the air talking to them, and will then be based on their own traffic movements at the time.

Our experienced Navigator, Andy Marson, has spent today talking to all the units concerned to give them an initial briefing and to seek approvals. The proposed flight plan will take into account feedback obtained today, but we have to remain flexible, as the final flight plan may well have to change on the day.

Although we hope to be able to tell you more on Friday, information on how the sortie is progressing will be made DSC 4122available on our official Twitter feed, providing actual route and expected timings. If you wish to see XH558 on Saturday, our advice at this stage is please plan to be near one of the listed locations from about 3pm watching our Twitter feed on your mobile.

Follow our Twitter feed online here, or follow us from your mobile device if you are out and about at one of the locations. Our hash tag ID is simply: #XH558

We would stress that to comply with the conditions under which we operate, this flight will consist purely of approaches and fly-pasts - no displays are planned.

Approximate timings to be confirmed on Friday with actual route times via our official Twitter feed.

Route markers: (Refer to map which will be refined by Friday).

Click to enlarge

1. Doncaster
- Bitteswell
2. Coventry Airport
3. Birmingham Airport
4. RAF Cosford
5. Gloucester (Staverton)
- Cheltenham
6. Filton
7. Cardiff Airport
8. St. Athan
9. Ross-on-Wye (Memorial)
10. RAF Halton

Return to Doncaster.

M0URX QSL update.

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough


Written by Tim M0URX

Extract from Tim's website.

Letters to post 21/09/2012

5B/G4MKP, 9M4SLL & CY9M Direct QSL cards are ready to be posted Friday 21st September. All direct QSL requests up until last Sunday are ready.

European Union Letters:   1,030
Rest of the World Letters: 1,489
18 packets including GDXG, MDXF, DDXF and DX Italia.

All QSL request from this week will be processed in the next few days.

Fitting End to a Summer of Sport

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written by Chris G1VDP

Thats it folks. The fantastic Summer of Sport has come to the end. We have been treated to a superb Olympic and 2012-wsbk-misano-2-650x384Paralympic games in London. A excellent Euro 2012 football tournament, where we must congratulate Spain on winning their third consecutive competition. Some exciting motorsports with the F1 and Moto GP races - and hopefully some still to come as the seasons come to an end. And even better World Super Bike racing, again with a couple of races left in the season and it couldn't be any closer.

I may have missed some sports off this list, but these are the ones we at Strumble Head Amateur Radio Klub have been watching. It now comes into the winter sports and our other favourite sport Rugby - a gentlemanly game played with odd shaped balls. We also have theTheParalympiccauldronflameburnsduringtheclosingceremonyoftheLondon2012ParalympicGames winter DXing and contesting season to look forward to on the radio, with the CQWW RTTY first at the end of September, then the SSB leg in October, and finally the CW in November. I am sure you will hear some of the members on the air, we may even get M9W or MW9W on if we get chance. 

But back to the end of the Paralympics and closing ceremony. Like the opening ceremony it was a full on spectacular event with Coldplay and Rhiana taking centre 2012-09-11-carryingtheflagstage and giving 2 of the best concerts of their lives. Then on Monday 10th September most of the members of Team GB had a parade through London ending at Buckingham Palace and a special concert. I guess we here in the UK certainly know how to put on a show when we turn our minds to it. The best thing about the whole olympic game thing, in my opinion, is that virtually everyone has been behind Team GB, or as we have many120909115754-para-closing-16-horizontal-large-gallery foreign visitors and people living here behind their national team. I live in the Asian community and they have been fantastic fun, cheering for Team GB when they have not had any entrants from their home country to cheer, having some banter with me about the games - but then I am also a cricket lover and when England play Pakistan or India the fun we have is superb.

When we have not been watching the Olympics the whole Strumble team have been busy with other aspects of their lives and hobbies.

Tim and Charles have been busy with their QSL work, especially as they share the burden of the 2 major dxpeditions of CY9M andCY9M 9M4SSL OQRS (Online QSL Request Service). I believe both lots of cards are almost ready for despatch and it is wise to keep an eye on Tims website for full details.

9M4SLLAnt and Laura have been major busy with their shop (click here for great deals on printer ink) and Ant with his Antenna building work. Ant is also in the final stages of planning a trip to Lundy Island mid October with John (M5JON) and Peter (M0ILT), sadly I have had to pull out of this due to financial constraints.

Rob has been busy down on the farm with the Harvesting of the crops. Again a full time job. Jane managed to get up to London for the Olympic Equestrian dressage event at the start of the games and hopefully we may get a update from them both shortly.OlympicsParalympicsTeamGBLondon2012VictoryfTbfGL5E7iOl

Tony as usual is retired and is working even harder now than when he was in full time employment! He is also busy with the roll as Secretary for the CDXC group.

Chris has been enjoying the Olympics and getting on the air with GO1VDP when he has finished his work, and as can be seen on here updating the blog as often as possible.

Charles and Chris, and some of the other guys too, share a passion for aircraft, Chris is more the old military ones and Charles anything that gets airborne. Needless to say Chris had a trip to his homeland of Yorkshire and spent a afternoon watching the DSC 4122Avro Vulcan XH558 take off and land at Robin Hood Airport Doncaster - this used to be RAF Finnigley near Doncaster where there used to be some fantastic airshows. The Vulcan still brings up the hairs on the back of his neck when it is seen what an Awesome sight!

That's about it for the group update. Heres to a good winter DXing season and lets hope that the sun is kind to us.

Olympics - Coming to the end

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written by Chris G1VDP

Sadly we are coming to the end of the Paralympic games, and the Olympic games in London 2012. And to the end of emotionswhat has been a memorable event here in the UK. It has shown that people from ordinary walks of life can achieve their goals and become winners at all levels.

There have been tears of joy, of pain, and of failure. Smiles and laughter. And every other emotion that a human can show. Photographs in the media of a proud parent looking on as their child has just won a medal, photos of the atheletes - both able bodied and paralympians - crossing the finish line with the smiles of the winner and anguish of thesimmonds 2326555i loser, and one that as I have previously said will stand out for me of the british rower crossing the line and the sudden realisation of winning gold and saying to her partner "we just won the Olympics". But every competitor, in my book, is a winner for qualifying and taking part. Heroes all.

There have been other moments to remember too. The video on you tube of the games maker being ironic and sarcastic, the disabled Blade runnersatheletes in the 100M using the special developed blades, the Equestrian events with the jumps being made to show London landmarks, our Queen entering the games by jumping out of a helicopter (a spoof we know but how funny), the opening cermonies with their themes and spectacular shows, and I guess the closing cermonies - although we haven't seen the closing of the Paralympic games yet - which were and will be just as spectacular and fun.

On a radio point of view we have had fun for the past few weeks usingRowers win our special prefixes, and it has been fun for me to have other hams email me asking if we can make a contact with them. It has been my pleasure on all occasions to oblige the requests and make the contacts. The special event Stations in London and Wales (2O12L and 2O12W respectively) have both been popular on the bands along with the special call aired by our good friends in Warrington GB2012MV. We hope you all had fun chasing these special calls, and especially the individual calls that all the UK radio amateurs david-weir ap 2329137bhad the chance to use if they applied for their Notice of Variation to their licence.

So as a group we would like to send our thanks to all the atheletes, volunteers and organisers of the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic games for the fun, the tears and the spectacular sporting endeavours over the past 6 weeks. We now look forward 4 years to Brazil in 2016 and hope that they have as a successful games as in the UK.

DX Code of Conduct - September Newsletter

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written By Chris G1VDP

DX code1As you know we are firm believers in the DX code of conduct, and our dream is that one day ALL operators will follow these guidelines. They are not rules, although I think they should be in some cases of bad operating, but common sense on how to work DX stations - be it a single operator on S79 (Maldives) or a major expedition on 3Y (Bouvet).

This months (September 2012) Newsletter from the website has a very funny, but true, video courtesy of NZ3M. I for one did not know that Mr Spock off Star Trek was a DXer, but he is the guy in the video and I for one would not like to have the Vulcan death grip put on me!!! Just follow the link here to view the video, and click on the DX Code logo to read the latest news and to get to know the DX code of conduct.

Olympics - Part 2, Here Come Some True Heroes

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written by Chris G1VDP

2012ParalympicsOpeningCeremony02PAGrn290812Here we go again, 10 days of sport over 20 different events with numerous sub events - Athletics covers such as the 100 Meters, 200 Meters, High Jump etc. Yes the 2012 Paralympic games have started, and what makes these even more special then the previous games is that every person competing has a disability of some kind. Whether it be like some of the runners where they have limbs amputated, in a wheel chair due to other injury and playing basketball, or like Ellie Simmonds having Dwarf Syndrome every one is classed disabled. These are the true heroes of sport as they train just as much as full able bodied atheletes, they are dedicated just as much as able bodiedSteven Hawkins opening ceremony atheletes, but most - no all - of them have had to overcome some difficulty to get to where they are now.

Once more the organisers of the London 2012 games put on a exceptional opening cermeony, this time starting with the "Big Bang" and celebrating the discoveries and inventions of science through the years. Steven Hawkins made a inspirational speech saying we need to look to the stars and set our goals high. There was the usual parade of countries, and the Olympic flame descended into the arena carried by a Royal Marine, who had lost his legs in a conflict, from the 100ft top of one of the buildings down a Zip Wire (a wire between 2 points with a harness or other device attached 300128-london-2012-paralympics-opening-ceremonyallowing the person to slide - also known as a death slide) and then handed over to one of the first Paralympian medal winners to light the cauldron. Fantastic. And once more I think Great Britten showed how we can put on a party and welcome the visitors and atheletes to the games.

And as we are a Amateur Radio club we must also mention LouiseCauldron lighting para Simpson, M3WSQ, who is one of the atheletes at the games, click here for more information. We wish her and the GB Team all the best and good luck in all their sports

Don't forget that during this period we will still be on the air and using our special calls, MO0OXO and GO1VDP, on all modes. Sadly Charles has had a computer failure and has been off air for the past few weeks but he is getting back on this weekend and will be racking up the contacts. Also look out for Chris on JT65A on the HF bands. He has just 2012LondonParalympics-OpeningCeremonygot the software and his radio working so will be using this mode over the weekend to give people a chance of getting the GO1 prefix in their logs.

And remember to support the atheletes now competing in the Paralympic Games, London 2012.

Olympics - Games Over (For Now)

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written by Chris G1VDP

The Olympic Games ended last weekend with them being declared a success, and we have to agree here at S.H.A.R.K. Not only were they entertaining but they also showcased some sports that would not usually be seen on television or Closing 1watched by people other than the ones who actively take part in them.

Team GB ended the games with 65 medals in total and some new heros and role models for the younger generation to look up to. These are people from normal walks of life who have been training over numerous years for that one day in their life to take part in a race or Jess winnerother competition that may only take seconds to complete. Some countries only had a small number of athletes, and we have to thank the government of Saudi Arabia for allowing women to take part in the games for the first time - fantastic forward thinking from the Saudi regime.

There were many other countries who's athletes can hold their heads high as they are amongst the elite of people taking part in the Olympic games, some overcoming many adverse conditions and hardships from Girls pursuittheir background, overcoming poverty, and disabilities - although the main Paralympic Games don't start for another 2 weeks - there was the South African runner who has overcome all predjudices and his loss of his legs to run at the games. Congratulations to all the medal winners, not just the Team GB, but all the others from all the nations.

Thanks must also be given to the thousands of volunteer Games Makers who helped with the running of the games, from the guy who gave directions to and from the events at the rail station to the volunteers who carried the medals and flowers at the presentations, these people gave up their time for free just to be a part of this wonderful show.

Now we must look forward to the Paralympic games as previously mentioned. These athletes are people with a disabilityoscar-pistorius-2012-olympics1 who love sport and train hard to be the best in their chosen discipline. Some may not look like they have a disability, may be a guy who is deaf riding a horse, others are amputees or born with limbs missing. These are the true heroes of the world. Overcoming everything to take part. We wish every one of them luck, and think they all should get a medal - gold to be honest - just for taking part.

But whichever games they are in I am sure they will all have fantastic memories, I know I have of some of the Team GB winners and their Kat and Sophiereactions at winning. "We won the Olympics" said by Katherine Copeland as she and Sophie Hosking realised they had come first in the womens Double Sculls will always be a memory for me, a humble ordinary girl winning gold!

Well done to all from the first part of the Games and good luck to the Paralympians for their games in 2 weeks time. And with a closing ceremony party to hand over the flag for the next games it was down To Boris Johnson - the Mayor of London - to pass on the Olympic flag to the Mayor of Rio De Janeiro for the 2016 games. Roll on 2016 and the next Olympics from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and the next batch of medalPassing flag winners.

And don't forget we still have until September the 9th to use our special calls here in the UK. So please do listen out for them over the next 3 weeks - Chris GO1VDP  and Charles MO0OXO will be active over the period on both DIGI and voice - look for them on PSK63 or PSK125 and RTTY for the DIGI modes.

Olympics - 1 Week gone

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written by Chris G1VDP

What can I say, the Olympic Games are proving to be as popular as ever. Not just because of the Gold Medals being won by Team GB, but for the whole party atmosphere. From the opening ceremony to the track and field events to the MO0OXO2sailing contest on the south coast of England there has been a celebratory atmosphere at all events. I myself have watched sports that I have never before had any interest in, and enjoyed every minute. I am not a good sailor and cannot row a boat on the local park lake, but I have been enthralled by the rowing competition and would like to congratulate all medal winners in this discipline.

On air it has been fun also, both Charles (MO0OXO) and Chris (GO1VDP) have been on air making lots of contacts around the world - even though the band conditions have not been at their best. Charles has spent most of his time on digi modes and Chris has been on SSB for a change. Both stations have now received the proof of their QSL cards, Charles sharing his with his good friend John (GO4RCG) who has been very active on CW. Both are quite different designs as can be seen and would look good in any collection. The only wayQSL-GO1VDP to get these cards is to request one from either Charles for MO0OXO/GO4RCG or for GO1VDP from Tim (M0URX) by the OQRS service they offer (click on name and follow the link), or send for a direct card with $2 US or 1 IRC to cover return postage and a self addressed envelope to them.

Again we would like to send our best regards and congratulations to all medal winners from all countries, and also thanks to all involved in the games for their effort in organising and taking part. We would also like to send congratulations to all the Team GB medal winners and well done to all other Team GB members for their hard work and dedication to get into the team - maybe next time the Medals will be yours for the taking.

Don't forget to try our Facebook page also, we will be using this when we are on one of our activations to interact and chat with all our friends.

SHDXCG - Now Strumble Head Amateur Radio Klub (S.H.A.R.K).

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Hello all,

we as a group have decided to rebrand and change the groups name. We will now be known as the Strumble Head Amateur Radio Klub - or S.H.A.R.K. We will be having a new badge designed, and will be having new shirts etc for when we attend events.

Not only this but we are also now on Facebook and shortly on Twitter. We are uploading photos to the Facebook pages - same as the gallery on here - and we are wanting our friends around the world to interact and chat with us through the new media. We will especially be using Facebook when we are active to chat and maybe even arrange some skeds with people to try and work them on new bands.

Please pass on this information and do join us on Facebook right now.

Special Olympic Calls

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written by Chris G1VDP

Starting today 21st July 2012 through to 9th September 2012, Radio Amateurs in the UK can use a special prefix for the DSC 3707celebration of the Olympic games being held here in London. The prefix will change as follows;

G,M calls will become GO (Golf Oscar) or MO (Mike Oscar) - M0OXO becomes MO0OXO, G1VDP becomes GO1VDP

GW,MW calls will become GO or MO respectively.

2E, 2M, 2W etc will become 2O (Two Oscar)

Club calls MC, GX, MS etc will also become MO, GO, etc.

This is if the station licenced has applied for their Notice of Variation from the RSGB. There will also be special event stations on from London (2O12L), Wales (2O12W) and Northern Ireland (call TBC).

Charles (M0OXO = MO0OXO) and Chris (G1VDP = GO1VDP) will both be on air over this period using all modes available to them. Please use their OQRS service for QSL card requests via their managers - MO0OXO click here, GO1VDP click here.


Ramsey 2012 & S.H.A.R.K.

Charles Wilmott
Charles Wilmott

Check out the Photos from Ramsey 2012 in the Gallery (click here) and also the two blog reports regarding our trip (below this entry). Keep your eyes open too for all the new information regarding ''S.H.A.R.K.'' (StrumbleHead Amateur Radio Klub). Find us on Facebook and soon to be on Twitter........!!